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How I work 

I am an Integrative Psychotherapist which means I am trained in a range of approaches to psychotherapy and counselling. My approach draws on psychodynamic, attachment based, person centred, existential and body psychotherapies as well as mindfulness and CBT. I continue to develop and grow my knowledge, with current interests including Internal Family Systems, DBT and transpersonal psychotherapy.


What stays constant across all of these models is a focus is on the centrality of relationships in our lives, including our relationships with ourselves, with other people, and with the cultures and systems we are part of.

Who I work with


I work with a wide variety of people having all sorts of experiences. Issues I work with include: abuse, anxiety, bereavement and loss, depression, trauma, stress at home or in work, relationship breakdowns, questions around sexuality and gender, family difficulties, alcohol or substance misuse, finding purpose and more. I work with people who are neurodiverse, and people who diverse in their sexuality, gender and relationships. If you are unsure whether I can work with you please ask.

Getting started

After you've made contact with me we'll set up an introductory session where we'll explore what you're looking for, what's troubling you, your expectations and so on. If we decide to go ahead we'll then agree on the terms for our working relationship, such as whether we'll work together for a fixed term or open ended period, when we'll review our progress, how we'll manage cancellations etc.

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